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Real estate investment companies offer a crucial service to those individuals who have extra money to invest but do not want to put it into the stock market. These companies can determine what type of property or investment would be best for you based on your personal financial goals, which can almost always be easily matched to an investment type. Just make sure you know what those goals are before you plunk down any money.

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Real estate investment companies can achieve success on different levels. Some are well known locally within their own regional market, though most have a nationwide presence, with at least a few satellite offices that cover the Southwest, Northeast, Pacific Northwest, West, South, Midwest and Southeast. Other investment firms affiliate themselves with smaller companies that already reside within there given market. They offer these small firms the use of their services, and, in return, they receive a percentage of that firm's sales. Many of the most successful real estate investment companies, however, invest and maintain offices internationally. This helps them diversify their client base and portfolio, ultimately protecting their assets and clients' best interests should fallout occur in one market.

OUR Company Profile

Our mission is to help our clients create and preserve wealth by providing the best real estate investment Trust, Limited Partnerships sales, financing, and research and advisory services available. We strive on meeting and exceeding our investor, Partners objectives.

Since 1980, Mr. Robert D Hartmann Sr and his Companies involved in Real Estate Investment Services has been the premier provider of investment Real Estate brokerage, Construction & Financial services. The foundation of our Realestate investment is the depth of our local market knowledge. Our 30-+year history of maintaining investor relationships in local markets enables us to be the best information source and transaction service provider nationally. Our investment professionals are able to provide clients with an unparalleled perspective on the investment real estate market locally, regionally and nationally. I invite you to join our family in investing in our Realestate limited partnerships, Manufacturing companies, Construction, Property Management and Financing where you can receive High Returns on our Shopping Centers, Office Building, Industrial, Entertainment Centers, and Marinas & Residential Developments throughout the United States or Realestate Back Loans.

Hartmann Development Management Group (HDMG) was founded in September of 2003 by Robert D Hartmann Sr who is Chairman and Principal owner of HDMG. With a long standing and successful career at a National Real estate Investment Firm, his desire for more personalized client interaction led him to the creation of a niche boutique firm, now known as Hartmann Development Management Group (HDMG) Mr. Hartmann embraced the boutique approach as it encouraged the focus to remain on the client, rather than the transaction. His vision was to combine traditional Real estate brokerage with property management; making investing in retail properties easier for clients. The ability to handle all aspects of client investments is one of many reasons Hartmann Development Management Group (HDMG) continues to be Milford, CT premier retail Real estate investment advisory firm.

Today, Hartmann Development Management Group (HDMG) specializes in the acquisition, disposition, tax deferred exchange and management of retail properties throughout the United States. Our specialization and track record has helped our clients make informed investment decisions, preserve their wealth, and streamline their income investments for a secured retirement. Our clientele ranges from first time investors to corporate managers and institutions.

“Providing Experience and knowledge to clients through our hands on approach.”

Hartmann Development Management Group
A real estate Investment & Capital company that specializes in the purchasing of income producing properties throughout USA, and nationwide retail investments. Our niche is primarily middle market which is considered to include properties valued at one million to twenty million dollars. Our team is dedicated to working with clients to give them the tools necessary to work effectively in the real estate market. While most brokerages are working to get that single deal, we look to gain clients, investors through repeat business. For that reason, the majority of our business is based on referrals. Success is not measured by sales volume but by what each party takes away from the transaction.


“A team is a collection of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job or transaction. Their strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, transferring to performance.”

From the Chairman to each of the associates, agents, Real estate investment advisor and the entire staff, we all have a common thread working with a family atmosphere in mind. Everyone who works here has been chosen because of their passion and Integrity, Transparent and a wiliness to see threw that each client and investor maintain their objectives. With this mindset, it allows us to work together and benefit from each other’s skills and strengths.

Our Approach

Invest: We Are Vested in Our Client Relationships Streamline: Collectively Striving to Achieve Efficiency Preserve: To Secure, Enhance and Maintain Our Clients’ Wealth Retirement: Today’s Investment Affects the Lifestyle of Tomorrow

Hartmann Development Management Group : Core Values

Ethics: Hartmann Development Management Group. finds motivation in its outstanding ethical and moral approach to real estate. We respect and uphold ethical conduct in our relationships with consistent forward thinking. Ethical conduct can define a company and its employee’s. Hartmann Development Management Group. is proud to practice ethical business measures in every aspect of the organization. Tradition: Tradition is learned through an inherited pattern of thought or action. Understanding the past in order to gain success in the future is something that Hartmann Development Management Group is very familiar with. As we forge new paths in the real estate landscape, we are always keeping sight on traditions as they keep us focused on the goals of our clients. Character: Character is the combination of qualities and features that differentiate us from others. Each of us here at Hartmann Development Management Group is different. The one common trait we all share is our character. Our clients trust our opinions and analysis because of the character shared by all employees. Pride: Self respect and personal worth are all characteristics of the staff at Hartmann Development Management Group, Real estate is not a timid person’s realm. We understand that we are responsible for our actions and the actions of our clients. Pride translates into empowerment, giving our team a sense of ownership in all dealings. Passion: Each member of our team is here because of their passion for our industry. Passion allows us to exceed our client’s expectations while working with them to achieve their investment goals. Passion is why our clients work with us. We approach every transaction, project, property, and meeting with a high level of energy derived from this passion.

WE look forward to meeting you soon.