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At HDMG Real Estate Partnership Investments,

we recognize that every Partnership investment represents an individual's dreams and financial security. This is why we take great pride in our disciplined approach and commitment to excellence in our Partnership investment process.

We acquire & develop income-producing commercial real estate net leased to national, brand-named, creditworthy tenants. We also invest & build Hi quality residential & commercial resort communities for discriminating buyers; we will also look for opportunities in purchasing bank notes on foreclosed commercial properties at deep discounts, this allows our partners to position them self's for double digit returns.

Our strategy is based on the simple objective of leasing properties to some of the largest and most powerful corporations in America and passing the rent on as a stream of income to our investors, Our experience in investing and managing in commercial and residential real estate through diverse economic and interest rate cycles has helped refine our conservative strategy.

Today, HDMG will be one of the most significant acquirers of retail commercial real estate. We believe that commercial real estate will continue to grow as an integral part of the investing public's portfolios due to its low correlation to most other asset classes and potential for a consistent and regular stream of income to its investors. Therefore, we are committed to growing and shaping the future of the asset class through staying true to our mission of offering the highest-quality commercial and residential real estate to a significant percentage of the investing public.

As a partner of HDMG, you know you are doing business with a company that is committed to quality and execution. We understand commercial & residential real estate markets, the needs of the investing public and the importance of the client-and-advisor relationship. Therefore, we do not deviate from our disciplined investment process that is structured to provide a regular stream of income and the potential for capital appreciation over the long term.



Hartmann Development Management Group
Robert D. Hartmann SR
Executive Chairman