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The Convention Center will be located in SAEP, CT. And we are going to build a Digital Media Film Studio(1 million square feet), a War Museum,

a super luxury hotel which have more than 500 rooms and a finest condominium.

If you look around the SAEP, you can see the more than 30 famous restaurants, luxury Yacht marina for personal or common use and,

the Sikorsky Memorial Airport.

Presently, there are no hotels and convention centers which can hold over 500 people within a 40-mile radius.

We will build the Convention Center in SAEP with a large event hall which can hold about 1200 people and a conference hall

which can hold about 300 people.

So we can hold events like a preview of films, various party, seminars on the digital media field and various politics events.

Plus, the kind of international seminar or performance hall for world famous entertainers, too.